Want to Taste Local Life in Nepal? Try These Popular Home Stay Villages in Nepal

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Home stay trekking is a new model of tourism in Nepal Himalayas and it is attractive way to welcome foreigners in Nepal Himalayas to introduce Nepal and Nepalese culture in the World. The program is generated by the Government of Nepal in the Nepal Tourism Year 2011. This is another way of tourism industries to group up in the small Himalayan country and the each client can be an ambassador of their country for publicity of Nepal and its tourism industries.
Home stay in Nepal is an excellent activity to share, see and feel the lifestyle, local culture, countryside lifestyle, tradition, arts and entertainment, hidden trails and valleys and above all the sharing, caring and loving the true humanity. Home stay is one of the most popular kinds of bed and breakfast with the typical Nepali family. Nepal is not that developed to provide all the facilities in mountains region as home stay concept should be ideal for Nepal Tourism and it is focused for backpackers who can save their budget and explore more.
During home stay in Nepal Himalayas, you will get local lodging, local food and local lifestyle in the manner of touristic way but the focus is on supporting in eco-tourism, raise the income of locals from more presence of tourists and respect their culture and religion.
Sirubari (Syangja District, west Nepal) and Ghalegaon (Lamjung District, north-central Nepal) were the first to implement the concept of homestays which actually was an offshoot of efforts to develop village tourism by the government. Now, there are quite a few registered commercial homestay homes. Kathmandu, too, has more than 10 community-based and two private homestay homes with a combined capacity to accommodate over 300 tourists. Kavrepalanchok has over 26 registered community-based homestay homes. Similarly, Chitwan has at least 10, Makwanpur has 11 Nuwakot has twelve. Gorkha, Ilam, Palpa, Syangja, Kailali and Kalikot too are following close on their heels in registering homestay homes. Living in a Nepali homestay in a village is a quick way to know the real Nepal. And, the planned daily cultural activities at almost all Nepal homestays should certainly be a major attraction for tourists

Safe Holiday Adventure offers varied Homestay Nepal programs in Nepal around the mid-hill of Nepal Himalaya from Annapurna, Lamjung to Langtang area which allows you to observe the local villagers culture, religion, traditions and way of life as it for past hundreds of years in complete serenity in the backdrop of high Himalayan peaks visiting its interesting villages, monasteries, and temples with short hike in some area of homestay. Home Stay suitable for all types of travelers in the harmony of local villagers and a peaceful environment.

Homestay Nepal tourism is a community-based program introduced by the Government of Nepal, where tourists can have interaction and direct experience of the day-to-day life of the community. The concept of home-stay addresses the theme of eco-tourism in Nepal. The program’s preliminary positive impact on women, the local economy, environment, children and the community shows the effectiveness of the home-stay approach. This approach preserves the rural lifestyle, culture, and identity. A growing number of locals are operating the home-stay program, offering tourists a window into their local culture in areas without hotels.

In May 2001 Sirubari in conjunction with Nepal tourism board was awarded the PATA Gold award in recognition of its efforts to preserve the culture and heritage of Nepali total life.

Safe Holiday Adventure offers Home Stay Nepal for you to enjoy and relax after or before your main trekking or other adventure in Nepal with us:

Home Stay in following places for a day-two day or more.

Bandipur Home Stay:

Bandipur Home Stay is a Popular Home stay Villages of Nepal, Which is located on route Pokhara near Dumre and Damauli town a nice village of the mixed tribe of Magar, Gurung, Newar and Bhramins, Chettries with the various activity or just relax in the harmony of local villagers and the view of Annapurna and Manaslu mountains.

Ghale Gaon Home Stay

Ghale gaun village tour

Ghale Gaon Home Stay is absolutely Popular Home stay Villages of Nepal and it is located on route Annapurna circuit trekking near Beshishar town in Lamjung district. A nice Gurung village with the various acts of just relax in the harmony or local villagers and the view of Lamjung, Annapurna, and Manaslu mount

Ghatlang Home Stay:

Ghatlang Home Stay located on route Langtang / Ganesh Himal trekking area and as well towards Tibet border reach with six hours driving journey to Syabrubesi village and 4-5 hrs hike to the large and interesting Tamang tribe people village at Gatland with various activity or just relax in the harmony of local villagers and the view of Ganesh and Langtang Himal range of mountains.

Sirubari home stays Syangja:

Sirubari Home Stay is a Popular Home stay Villages of Nepal. It is located 3-4 hrs driving distance from Pokhara on route Syangja, Tansen a nice village of the mixed tribe of Magar, Gurung, Newar and Bhramins, Chettries with the various acts of just relax in the harmony of local villagers and the view of Annapurna and Manaslu mountains.

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